How know and honoring our past

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CTA's 150th Anniversary

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2018 Honoring Past Presidents

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Books by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak

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Incouraging Action: Honoring our Past, Creating our Future

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Honor the Past, Embrace the Present, Celebrate the Future

I love the history of my church, and I think many of our traditions here are part of what make our church culture special! It’s important to understand the characteristics of working memory when you’re designing something that requires mental effort.

Without adapting learning experiences to the learner’s cognitive architecture, instructional design is hit or miss. Honoring Our Past, Hoping to Repeat It. We’ll need to know his or her history and credentials, and then we’ll have our blue-ribbon committee sort through the nominees and bring us a new group of inductees.

We want to remember our history, celebrate our past and honor those who came before us. Editor Pick Hall of Fame Inductees. Here are our past winners. Champions come from all walks of life – neighbors, friends, businesses, parent or professionals working with young people.

What sets a CWK Champion apart is their intentional and deliberate attentiveness to.

Woman allegedly steals and burns ‘thin blue line’ flag honoring fallen trooper

It’s important to respect and love yourself enough to recognize that you’re dealing with your emotions the best way you know how, in the way that you’ve been designed to deal with them.

Below are five ways to not only honor your loved one but also heal your heart and strengthen yourself. and School Board have made a contribution to the Honoring Our Past, Shaping Our Future 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign.

All 50 of our devoted teachers and school staff and 13 members of the School Board have made a campaign gift and/or pledge.

How know and honoring our past
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