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Systematic review and meta-analysis: techniques and a guide for the academic surgeon

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All data used in the review will be generated directly as a result of the review, without any pre-existing data being used. Any data relevant to a published article will be.

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Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses for Protocols (PRISMA-P ). PRISMA-P consists of a item checklist intended to facilitate the preparation and reporting of a robust protocol for the systematic review.

Objective The purpose of this investigation was to perform a systematic review to determine if there is a difference in clinical outcomes or complications between open and endoscopic cubital tunnel release in patients with compression of the ulnar nerve in the cubital tunnel.

In line with such a recommendation, we undertook this systematic review as part of a wider research project aimed at developing and evaluating a range of patient-led patient safety incident reporting tools.

The PRISMA-P (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic review and Meta-Analysis Protocols) checklist contains 17 items considered to be the essential and minimum components of systematic review or meta-analysis protocol. Talking or writing about death, dying, or suicide.

Assessment of the 5 components of suicide When assessing suicidal intent, plan, access to lethal means, and history of suicide attempts the following questions are recommended (however, every clinician is encouraged to create their own questions, in their own vernacular, addressing the same.

Impact analysis studies of clinical prediction rules relevant to primary care: a systematic review How to write a systematic review bmj open
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