How to write an equivalent form of 7/8

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Equivalent Ratios

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What are equivalent fractions for 2/7?

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Verify that the two expressions are equivalent using the given values. We can also write negative fractions, which represent the opposite of a positive fraction.

The test for a number being a rational number is that it can be written in that form (i.e., as a common fraction).

Writing Equivalent Ratios Worksheet

the same as that of adding them: find a common denominator, and change each fraction to an equivalent fraction with the chosen. Conversion of a pure recurring decimal to the form p / q. 1) Obtain the repeating decimal and put it equal to x.(say) 2) Write the number without using bar and equal to x.

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Choose and produce an equivalent form of an expression to reveal and explain properties of the quantity represented by the expression.★. To get a ratio equivalent to a given ratio we multiply or divide both the terms of the given ratio by the same non-zero number.

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We will learn how to find the equivalent ratios of a given ratio by writing the ratio as a fraction and then compare by using multiplication and division.

How to write an equivalent form of 7/8
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