Write a javascript command in firefox

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May 25,  · Firefox Command Line Options and javascript dump() Discussion of general topics about Mozilla Firefox.

I'm trying to get the javascript dump() to work from an experimental extension I'm trying to write.

Intervening against document.write()

and I have tried starting firefox from the command line using: firefox -p test -console. It’s an easy-to-use Chrome and Firefox extension and is generally the most efficient way to develop test cases. there may only be one Selenium command listed. As you use the IDE however, you will find additional commands will quickly be added to this menu.

When running under Selenium, JavaScript pop-ups will not appear. This is. write("Hello"); writeln(" world"); This page is useful for experimenting with basic JavaScript and simple algorithms (e.g.

those covered in a discrete mathematics course). It should work in any browser that has JavaScript. I am using either a chromium or firefox web browser in kiosk mode to log in to a website from boot up, and I want to use a javascript to send in a command to login to a website automatically.

I know how to write the javascript, but I do not know how to "pipe" the javascript into the web browser from a terminal bash file. Extending the devtools. The developer tools are designed to be extensible.

Command line arguments

Firefox add-ons can access the developer tools and the components they use to extend existing tools and add new tools. I want to write a Javascript function which will execute the system shell commands (ls for example) and return the value.

How do I achieve this?

Write a javascript command in firefox
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